Our people

Factory houses a tight knit team of certified medical professionals spread out over a global network. The familiar atmosphere creates for a comfortable yet structured work ethic that every one of our team complies with. More specifically, however, our company hosts highly qualified professionals. Our executives are trained medical doctors with years of experience and extensive knowledge at their beck and call. The CRAs employed at Factory are focused on cultivating and encouraging a proactive attitude towards work. They are skilled in organization and communication, self motivation and instilling motivation in others, and are no strangers to strong leadership.

Professionalism aside, Factory is not only the best CRO, but also the “fastest”. Not only are our young professionals interested in the focused world of medical device testing, they have a strong belief that athleticism, strength of body and mind, are important factors in leading a healthy and successful lifestyle. Factory has a weekly running-class from the famous Dutch Champion Aart Stigter to prepare for the annual New York City Marathon and participates in several other sports events throughout the year.

Our leadership

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Our team

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