Global coverage

We are counted on for swift and reliable clinical medical device services by companies/clients from every corner of the globe. Factory possesses an intrinsic sense of internationalism that promotes communication and camaraderie between, and within, both client and employer.

Our ability and dedication to work with clientele from all around the world stems from our integrated and multilingual employee base. Of all the CROs listed in the Applied Clinical Trials, we are the only CRO outside the US that specializes in medical devices. Our bases of operations extend far across the globe, keeping in line with our vision of international reach and projection on a global scale.

Listed below are countries that house branches of Factory CRO and the countries where Factory CRO conducts Clinical Investigations:

Factory Marker
– Clinical Investigations conducted

Due to our large patient global supply for testing, medical trials can commence quickly and efficiently. In a Customer Satisfaction Survey, the vast majority of Factory’s clients stated that they would consider working with Factory again in the future due largely to our expertise, speed, responsiveness and above all, world-class quality in the testing of medical devices.