Become part of an integrated team of medical professionals dedicated to bringing the testing of medical devices to a higher level of quality.


Why work here

Factory CRO is a company with expertise in a variety of fields. This broad knowledge pool, that all team members are willing to share, makes sure you learn something new every single day. Everyone at the company is offered the opportunity to develop her/his talents in the most efficient and intriguing manner.
Short communication lines make it possible to get involved with the required team members – whether this is someone from Data Management, Quality Assurance, the Management Team, or someone else – at any moment. And all this is offered in combination with a fantastic team of colleagues and at a beautiful location!


Open positions

Sr. Clinical Research Associate (San Diego (CA) office based)
Location: San Diego
Position Type: Full-time

Clinical Data Manager
Location: Bilthoven
Position Type: Full-time

Medical Writer
Location: Bilthoven
Position Type: Full-time

Student opportunities

No opportunities available at this time.
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FREE 30 minutes consultation

You may have questions about the regulatory framework for medical devices or clinical trial requirements or even Factory CRO’s services.

Niels van Tienen

At Factory we have short communication lines, making communication fast, effective and efficient.

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