Our Expertise

Our expertise includes safety and performance studies, efficacy studies, effectiveness studies, clinical economic studies, quality of life studies, and post-marketing studies. Factory has experience with Class II (a and b) and Class III medical devices. We have performed multi-centre clinical trials with 20 to 2400 patients per study, recruited 2 to 40 participating investigators in up to 20 different countries in Europe, the America’s and Australia, and provided detailed follow-up and reporting.

Our areas of expertise include:

Abdominal SurgeryAbdominal Surgery

  • Morbid obesity
  • Hand assisted laparoscopic surgery
  • Endoscopic surgery
  • Continence preservation
  • Electro surgery
  • Intra-abdominal adhesion prevention
  • Pancreatic stenting
  • Inguinal hernia repair
  • Surgical hemostatics and sealants

Cardiovascular SurgeryCardio/Vascular Surgery

  • Morbid obesity
  • Endovascular stenting
  • Drug eluting stents
  • Drug eluting vascular devices
  • Endovascular embolisation
  • Surgical hemostatics and sealants
  • Endocardiovascular CPB
  • Cardiac adhesion prevention
  • PAD treatment

Bone and Joint SurgeryBone and Joint Surgery

  • Bone defect studies
  • Cartilage replacement
  • Joint replacement
  • High tibial osteotomy
  • Osteosynthesis, biodegradable and non absorbable
  • Endoscopic spine surgery
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Vertebral disc replacement
  • Osteoarthrose

Cardio-Thorax SurgeryCardio-Thorax Surgery

  • Trans myocardial revascularisation
  • Adhesion prevention
  • Endoscopic lung resection
  • Lung air-leak sealant
  • Emphysema treatment
  • Minimally invasive valve replacement
  • Cardiac closure devices
  • Baro-receptor stimulation for hypertension

Interventional Radiology(Interventional) Radiology

  • Surgical hemostatics and sealants
  • Endovascular stenting
  • Endovascular embolisation
  • Radiography
  • MRI
  • CDU
  • Opto-acoustics
  • Breast cancer diagnostics
  • Bone mineral density measurements
  • Stereotactic breast biopsy
  • Image guided therapies


  • Migraine
  • Neurostimulation
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Intractable pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Spine surgery

Wound Care

  • Tissue engineered wound treatment


  • Diabetes Type II treatment (smart molecule)
  • Diabetes Type I Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)


  • Anti-bruxism therapy


  • Chronic leg ulcers
  • Melanoma diagnostics
  • Diabetic foot ulcers

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  • Dermal fillers/Wrinkle treatment
  • Breast prosthesis/augmentation
  • Tummy tuck abdominoplasty


  • Nephrectomy techniques
  • Bladder replacement procedures
  • Incontinence therapies

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