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April 8, 2015

Strongman Run and Berlin Marathon 2015

September 2015, name it at Factory-CRO and most of the employees will tension their muscles in a reflex. Why? A group of 10 persons is currently training towards the Marathon of Berlin (27 September 2015) and the Fisherman’s Friend Strongmanrun in Hellendoorn (6 September 2015).  Naturally, the collaborative training is a value for the quality of work and the general health at the company, but also a fantastic manner to improve the team spirit.

The team at Factory-CRO can be generally qualified as very sportive: every year there is at least one marathon listed; every couple of weeks there is someone who participates in a 10 or 21km run; and every week there is a professional trainer available who supports and instructs the team during a 1.5h running session. New in 2015 is the training towards an obstacle run of 21km with 39 extreme obstacles – For no-one a reason to drop out and for some even a reason to join the ‘competition’.

The training for the obstacle run has been positively experienced by the team so far. Muscle strength in all body areas is increased with a weekly boot camp session. In addition, even a survival clinic was followed to learn several skills in order to easily conquer every obstacle.

“The obstacle run gives a new impulse to the training. The challenge is as big as a marathon, but the obstacle run training feels more like a teambuilding activity at a playground for adults. Fun is the number one factor.” – Rolinde

“The best part of the obstacle clinic? Having more capacities than you thought you had.” – Annelies

The marathon training runs in parallel and may challenge the participants even more than those of the obstacle run. Where fun is the goal of the Strongmanrun, the marathoners have to seriously prepare for an intense goal.

“The most difficult thing in preparing for the marathon is keeping focus on that one, beautiful, great goal – by investing much time and energy and making many sacrifices.” – Tim

And that the training goal is changed from New York City, run in previous years, to Berlin? It gives the training spirit even an extra impulse!

“In the past I have done two of my longest training runs for the NY marathon in Berlin, probably my favorite city of all times. Finally I can race Berlin without a map and traffic lights.” – Niels

We wish all staff luck and are looking forward to see the results!

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